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Arizona desert land is well known for having fantastic clear nights. I provide for the visitor to Sedona a firsthand view of the heavenly stars. My tours are designed to please because they are custom tailored for you. I have done tours for groups varying in size from one person to over one hundred people. I have even done a tour where a Japanese interpreter was used, and a handicapped group where sign language was involved. I have had from 3 year olds to over 75 year olds view through my telescopes. In short, the scopes are designed with people in mind. Let me walk you through the cosmos like you have never seen it before.

I have an array of scopes ranging from small refractors, Richfield scopes, large astronomical binoculars and a 28-inch portable telescope. This equipment allows you to enjoy naked eye, binocular, and telescopic observing of the planets, stars, and distant galaxies.

My scopes have the ability to see just about any object in the sky including: all nine planets, star clusters, galaxies, and even the farthest known objects - - Quasars. The Sirius Looker is a lightweight telescope using a truss tubular design for ultra-portability and breakdown to just over two feet in height. It is made of three kinds of hardwood: veneer birch, cherry, and solid oak. It uses two hand-held micro computers, one for tracking (photography purposes), and one for locating thousands of deep sky objects held in it's data base. I use a small hand held light laser for aligning the mirror optics once the scope is set up for excellent imaging of stars.

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Dennis Young, Astronomer
P.O. Box 87 | Sedona, AZ 86339
Phone: (928) 821-3520
Hyakutake Comet - Photo Courtesy Bill and Sally Fletcher